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. Be creatively fulfilled .

. Beauty is a philosophy inside .

. The beauty of imperfection, raspy, broken thighs, beauty of the aging .

. Listen to your heart .

. Purity of the things .

. Simple. Clean .

. Unisex but sexy .

. No details too small .

. Natural color palette .

. High quality of handmade crafts.

Timeless apparel .

. The little but the best .

. Inspired by real life .

. Second skin. Sentimental value . Soft touch . 

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I believe in the beauty of humanity, I believe in the grace and kindness of every person.

Spending hours on the beach, feeling like you are related to the ocean brought me a strong vision of respect the Mother Nature, taking care and giving back as much as you can. The ocean is absolutely priceless connection with my source of energy and inspiration. Ocean makes me feel now, in this moment, feel so kind, feel love.

Surfartist Surfillustration  surfergirl  oh_ocean  surfart  elenagrib