My name is Elena and I’m an artist. 

Born in Russia, 1991. Based in Portugal & Italy.

We are art. 

I believe in the beauty of humanity, I believe in the grace and kindness of every person.

I believe that we were born with the heart full of love and power to create. 

My endless summer.

The ocean is absolutely priceless connection with a source of energy and inspiration. The ocean makes me feel now, in this moment, feel so kind, feel loved.

By playing with lines and colors I form wood block prints (Lino prints) in the attempt of creating not the shape itself but the feelings about it. 

All art prints and apparel are made out by caring.

Only handmade paper, eco inks, family sewing production and big portions of love. 

Surfartist Surfillustration  surfergirl  oh_ocean  surfart  elenagrib

I found the whole universe in the ocean...the dream of beauty, the place of perfect rest and refreshing my mind and body, the truly gift ​​​​​​​